From HR Tech World San Francisco to HR Tech World Amsterdam


HR Tech World Amsterdam is just a few short months away. If it’s anything like HR Tech World San Francisco, I can’t even begin to say how excited I am! Not only was I able to learn from some of the best, catch up with all of my amazing industry friends (and meet some new ones), take a sailboat ride (thanks SmartRecruiters!), but I finally made it to San Francisco!


For those of you who haven’t attended an HR Tech World show, these are definitely shows worth marking on your calendar. I had the privilege of attending their first U.S. event and it certainly won’t be my last.




Because it was real, exciting, and authentic. This wasn’t your ordinary conference. This was a place where people and technology came together to show how powerful that can be within an organization. Keep reading to see why I enjoyed the San Francisco show and why I’m so excited about Amsterdam.


  • Unleash
  • The pre-conference sessions were perfect! This was a place where early stage startups were able to pitch their product or service for investors and attendees to learn more. I was fortunate enough to be a part of this to talk about my little company Vaia Talent. With the fabulous Dale Clareburt of Weirdly as the MC, this pre-conference session was a blast! What I liked most was that there were new and interesting companies presenting their ideas, not the traditional sales pitch. It was certainly refreshing to see these up and coming startups.(You can find more about HR Tech World’s startup competition here.)


  • People
  • They are your most important asset. One of my favorite lines from Gary Vaynerchuk’s power keynote was “it is insane to me, how excited I am about the future of the world because as technology commoditizes shit that doesn’t matter, all of us are going to be forced into the things that actually do matter: people!” Investing in people and culture is financially viable. I am a huge fan of tools and technology and I love to try out new things but we shouldn’t forget about investing in our people. We tend to get stuck on the cool stuff and forget about the people aspect. Employee experience should mesh with HR technology.


  • Disruption
  • It’s not just a buzzword these days. It’s actually the norm. A few years ago, a friend of mine told me that he thought the HR technology space would explode. Well, according to Josh Bersin, “this is the most disruptive time” in our space. If companies are not embracing new ideas, their competition is staying ahead of the game. We saw this from the captivating keynotes from Peter Hinssen, Vivek Wadhwa, and Robert Scoble. We’re talking about AI and VR – how much more disruptive can we be? Bottom line is that companies need to embrace these new concepts in order to keep up with the pace of what disruptive organizations are doing.


    So, why am I so excited for Amsterdam? First of all, it’s Amsterdam. Well, that’s part of it. I’m excited to re-live the European version of San Francisco that I am told is the best show on earth. I experienced it in the US and can’t wait to see what’s to come in Europe.


    Also, aside from many of the amazing speakers like Kerstin Wagner, David Green and Lars Schmidt, I do have to admit that I am super excited to see Arianna Huffington. I watched Arianna Huffington via live webcast when she was the keynote for LinkedIn Talent Connect in 2014 and tweeted about her talk the entire time. Her talks about interviewing, naps, and how to unplug are some of the greatest things I’ve heard. I told myself that if I ever had the opportunity, I would want to see her live. Fast forward — when Marc Coleman told me she was going to be the keynote for the Amsterdam show, you can’t imagine the excitement.


    Now I won’t be the only Greek girl at the event!


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    Published on Aug 9, 2017

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