It’s Time For HR To Lead A Digital Revolution For The Sake Of Our People

Adriana Bokel Herde


The truth is that the world is changing and the definition of HR is changing as well… HR is no longer the department known for just payroll and benefits. Neither is it only known as the department responsible for recruitment or laying people off. The requirements for our function have considerably increased, and each one of us who are passionate about HR and passionate about serving employees and people managers has the responsibility to challenge ourselves: how we can lead by example?


The truth is that even though we are the champions of change in the business, we often struggle with it ourselves, specifically when it relates to changing how we do certain things in HR. That is why it is so powerful when we are willing to challenge ourselves and our teams and ask “why” we are afraid to work differently and “what” are we actually afraid of.


If we truly care for what our function stands for – our people – we need to evolve with our people. That is where technology comes in. We often define ourselves and our function by outstanding services but we often fail to see “services” from our customers’ – our people’s – perspective.


How often do companies have processes in place that require employees to enter their name, address, and many other data points that HR already has in their systems? This is an example where the right technology and a true focus on the employee experience can help our function to evolve with our people and avoid wasting the time of our most valuable asset.


How often do companies design processes for employees with the office-based employees in mind, when a good number of the workforce is remote or mostly on the road? These people need systems and processes that can be executed on the go on their smartphones and tablets.


These are all examples where technology not only helps but actually improves our function’s reputation. More importantly, it can bring us closer to the “outstanding” services that we aim to provide to our people.


At HR Tech World Amsterdam, we are provided with a world of opportunity to elevate our HR function, to truly turn into reality what we often just talk about. And yes, each one of us HR professionals has the responsibility to push the needle, challenge ourselves and each other to evolve our organizations, and change the way we deliver services to our people. We all know how long internal changes take, so let’s make this week the start of putting our people truly in the center of all we do.


About the Author


Adriana Bokel Herde is the Chief Evangelist and Chief People Officer at PeopleDoc.


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Published on Sep 15, 2017

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