XOR’s Chatbot Creates A Recruitment Experience For Candidate And Employer Alike

Faye Holland


This is the 13th part of our series on the HR Tech World Startup Competition powered by CornerstoneFaye Holland, our MC for the startup expo, writes about the 5 finalists (and 10 runners-up) who will compete for a sponsorship package during HR Tech World Amsterdam. Purchase your tickets to the show here.


With the rise of AI and chatbots, XOR is applying the technology to recruitment and bringing it to HR Tech World in Amsterdam. XOR is a chatbot recruitment assistant and helps employers process large applicant pools using machine learning and chatbots. The XOR chatbot takes candidates from pre-screening to recommending suitable vacancies and scheduling interviews on behalf of recruiters – all automatically. In using XOR recruiters spend 75% less time on such routine tasks so they can concentrate on interviewing successful candidates. The beauty of using XOR is that every application is responded to. Whether it’s a polite rejection or being forwarded to the recruiter, each candidate receives feedback, which in turn creates a better experience for them and creates strong HR branding. XOR chatbots are available in all popular messengers and in any browser.


Pim Bemelmans, a partner at XOR, tells me they’ve seen great success in Eastern Europe with their platform, scoring an average candidate satisfaction rate (NPS) of 92% from over 300,000 candidates, which provides a solid foundation for starting development in both US and EU markets. At the HR Tech World Startup Stage XOR will be looking for potential partners and clients, the latter being organisations that are very active in recruitment such as in the retail and hospitality sectors.


In the face of rising AI, XOR differentiates itself by focussing on two issues within recruitment. The first of those recruiters’ time management. Much time is spent screening, scheduling and updating candidates, which takes resources away from interviewing and placing candidates. XOR can make such processes much more efficient. The second issue is one experienced by candidates and reflected in HR brand perception. Pim explains that by providing an augmented candidate experience through a conversational and engagement approach from the moment the jobseeker visits the career website or applies for a role via social media. Making sure that everyone is answered improves the candidate experience and the company’s reputation in recruitment.


For a company that launched earlier this year, XOR seems to have a very clear and simple direction, which Pim credits to making both their go to market strategy and solution clear from the outset. While acknowledging there is much that can be done within HR today, Pim explains it’s a simple matter of focussing, having a clear strategy and dedicating company resources to that direction.


It’s also important to XOR to keep some room for flexibility as HR Tech and the environment is constantly changing and to close your eyes to it would be a sin, as Pim says. To manage this XOR keeps close contact with clients, not only by asking for their feedback and understanding evolving needs and requirements, but also by visiting them and looking at how the XOR solution is used and what it’s being used to achieve. XOR uses this data to inform its business roadmap, adjusting it if need be, to keep up with innovation in the sector.


Quick Reference

Key customers: IBS, HeadHunter, Lumess, USG, Hays, Hudson

Target industries: Fast Food Chains, Retailers, Logystics, hotels
What function within HR is your product designed for: The pre-selection part of recruitment


About Pim

Pim Bemelmans is a partner at XOR, responsible for International Business experience with over 25 years in International Sales and Marketing. Pim holds an MBA and studied Strategy and Digital Marketing at Harvard Business School. Pim is passionate about customer service and providing the ultimate user experience.


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Published on Oct 22, 2017

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